AMAZON SELLERS LAWYER SUCCESS: 72 hr suspension notice removed.

At Rosenbaum Famularo PC, law firm behind, our goal is to help our clients get their suspended listings and accounts reinstated. Our team works tirelessly and prides themselves on being the David to your Goliath.

We recently got a seller reinstated after receiving a 72 hour notice that their account was going to be suspended for 19 intellectual property complaints. Of course the client was extremely flustered and worried about the time constraint that we were working under.

After we checked his account, we discovered that we already had retractions for 16 out of the 19 ASINs that were flagged. Oftentimes, when you have a listing reinstated that resulted from an intellectual property complaint, it will remain on your account health. Amazon does not remove intellectual property complaints from your account health right away; it can take up to 180 days to be removed.

This notice helped because we were able to show Amazon all the retractions that we received, as well as proof of authenticity. Many sellers, especially if they are not selling the product anymore, tend to either get rid of the invoices or get rid of the retraction.

It is very important that sellers keep hold of the retraction correspondence, as well as the invoices they have for any of the ASINs just in case they receive a 72 hour performance notification with any of those ASINs still on the account.

This will allow the seller the ability to appeal and show Amazon that this has actually been reinstated and resolved and needs to be taken off of their account.

The client’s account was not only reinstated with the 72 hour notice removed from their account, but also all of the intellectual property complaints that were lingering on their account were also removed.

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