How To Force Amazon To Release Your Money

Okay, this is a case study. It’s an ongoing case where we’re representing one of you, an #Amazonseller.

In this particular case, despite the client’s repeated plans of action, Amazon is refusing, absolutely refusing to release our client’s money.

So what is an Amazon seller to do when this big gigantic Goliath monopolistic company refuses to release your money? Well, under the terms of service, your contract with Amazon, its formal name is the Business Solutions Agreement.

When you have a dispute with Amazon and you cannot resolve it amicably, meaning plans of action, then what you do is you take them to arbitration.

And arbitration is generally a great way of resolving cases up to a certain amount of money. And that’s what this case is about. It’s about simply withholding money. And in every one of these cases, whether you had a duplicate listing, related accounts, a high ODR rate or inauthentic issues where your invoices weren’t accepted, as long as your products were genuine and not counterfeit, it is my opinion that Amazon owes you your money.

The way you force Amazon to return your money to you, to release your money to you, is to take Amazon to arbitration through the American Arbitration Association.

So, we have filed for arbitration. The next step will be Amazon answering that arbitration. And usually, it’s from a firm, David Wright & Tremaine who handles arbitrations for Amazon. The next step will be a process where the arbitrator is selected. And then, we go after the money and that’s really it.

Now, many of these cases resolve. They actually settle because you have Amazon’s lawyers who are a smart group of people and there are people inside Amazon looking at the file. And they’re also more advanced than the general staff over at Amazon’s offices in India, and a lot of these cases resolve. But if it doesn’t, we fight tooth and nail to get you every single penny that Amazon owes to you through the arbitration process.

If you want to learn more about how to force Amazon to release your money, release your inventory, contact us. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible, explain to you the timeframe and the costs, and the rest of the process of taking the decision-making out of Amazon’s hands and putting it into the hands of an impartial arbitrator.

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