Amazon FBA & Private Label Sellers Gain Advantage Using Virtual Bundles

If you’re an Amazon seller and you have followed our advice over the past several years and created your own brand, or you already have and you’re selling on Amazon, there is a huge change afoot within Amazon that you can take advantage of:  virtual bundles.

Virtual bundles are for brands that have a Brand Registry and are selling through FBA warehouses. You can now create virtual bundles without specific packaging for those bundles. This is a huge benefit for Amazon sellers. This makes the sale of your products much easier.

Amazon sellers have known for many years that bundling products leads to higher sales, and also leads to a higher return on your investment, because the pick, pack, and ship costs are lower.

If you have not yet created your own brand, think about doing so right away. Find yourself a logo, create a niche, see what products you use in your own life, and create your own brand. By creating your own brand, you are developing intellectual property that you own on and off Amazon. You’re building an asset that you can draw investors to or that you can sell down the road.

I cannot stress strongly enough that developing your own brand is absolutely an essential step to building a long-term business that you can sell.

If you need help developing your own brand, contact us for a free consultation.

Make sure that you are planning for your future by developing your own brand and your own intellectual property rights. We hope that every single one of you continues to crush it on Amazon!