Employment Law – How to Handle Resignation Based Unemployment Claims

Amazon sellers, you work your tails off. You work 24/7. And if you’re like me, you do not believe anyone should get unemployment if they quit their job. And that’s what I’m going to be talking about today, because a lot of you employ multiple people.

Okay, Amazon sellers. I try not to get political in these videos though sometimes as I fail and I want to talk to you about today about something that I hope is universal in that employees of yours, people who work for Amazon sellers, who are blessed to have a position with your company. If they quit, they should not get unemployment.

I’m going to talk to you to today about someone who quit working for this law firm. She wasn’t that great anyway. I’m not going to name her. She quit and applied for unemployment benefit so she can collect money for doing nothing. I’m really psyched to let you know that we fought that case. You can fight similar cases and you can zoom in my editing team. You can zoom in right now. Now of course, I’ve redacted the name and the address and that sort of thing.

But here’s the bottom line. You quit your job on July 29th, 2021, no, zero, nothing, no unemployment insurance benefits will be paid to you. Get off your butt. Get a job. So here’s the bottom line, Amazon sellers. Before getting into representing solely Amazon sellers and helping you develop your brands, get your Amazon accounts back, get your listings back and all the different things that we do for sellers, I was the head of the largest group of lawyers around the country involved in employment rights.

So if you have an employment issue, you can contact our business law for sellers department.

We can talk about it and you shouldn’t ever allow an employee to collect unemployment benefits if they quit their job or you were compelled to fire them for a cause. It will ultimately cost you more money. It’ll ultimately cost you more in your insurance premiums and it’s just not right. Some people are blessed to have employment and if they quit or they compel you to let them go, you don’t have to pay their unemployment benefits if you know how to fight back.