¬†Dramatic Increase of Amazon Suing Sellers Who Haven’t Made a Sale

Amazon seller account suspended: this could be bad news for anyone selling on Amazon. If you’re not making sales, you could be sued by the online retail giant. Make sure you watch this video to find out more about the story and what it means for sellers like you.

Brands have a habit of suing sellers who are involved with a listing, even though they haven’t made any sales.

What should you do if you are sued?

When you are sued by a brand but haven’t sold any products yet, there are two ways we recommend responding.

  1. Respond to lawsuit, you can hire a lawyer who will file a document called an “Answer” in court on your behalf.¬† This document will list a response to each allegation which claims you admit it, deny it, or lack the information to make a decision on the matter.

2. Move to dismiss the case, with a formal written document called a “motion” you can ask for the case to be dismissed on the basis that the court lacks jurisdiction over you, you lack connection with the state with the court is located, or the evidence does not amount to a charge against you because you have never made any sales.