Dramatic Increase in the Number of Complaints & Allegations on Amazon

Amazon sellers, this is breaking news for you, information you need to know about, especially if you received a counterfeit complaint or Amazon’s inauthentic allegation against you, your account, or any one of your listings.

What we are seeing is a dramatic increase in the number of inventory reviews Amazon staff is doing when you receive an inauthentic or a counterfeit complaint.

What you need to be prepared to submit is very, very similar to your inauthentic issues. And when you’re trying to prove to a brand that your products are genuine, you have to have invoices. You have to show that your distributor, your source of the goods can be linked right back to the brand. We’ve had many cases where brands have made complaints when you are buying directly from the brands.

So you need to make sure you have all these documents in order, not only to deal with the inauthentic or the counterfeit complaint, but also for the inventory checks.

What you need to be prepared for are Amazon’s mistakes because your inventory may be 100% commingled and mixed up with other sellers’ inventory. So be prepared to show where you sourced it, when you sent it to Amazon, your products were the real deal.

If you want to learn more about how we are dealing with this new obstacle that Amazon is throwing at you, actually checking your inventory and often making mistakes, contact us for a free consultation. We are here for sellers, seven days a week from the beginning of business in New York to the close of business in California. We, my entire team, are 1,000% devoted to making sure Amazon sellers stay in business, and if you lose a listing or your account goes down, getting it back as quickly as possible.

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