Amazon Tips: How to Deal with Copyright Claims Asserted Against You

If you’re an Amazon seller and you received copyright claims against your business, this video is entirely for you.

Here’s the breaking news when it comes to copyright complaints. More and more sellers are making copyright complaints against other Amazon sellers. What can you do? What do we do?

Well, number one, any type of intellectual property right complaint, you want to try and get a retraction.

Number two, it’s always helpful if you do the research and you check the copyright off to see, well, who actually owns the interest in the copyright, because if the complainant doesn’t own the copyright, they had no right to make the complaint. And you can use that as leverage to get the complaint retracted by pointing out saying, “Hey buddy, you made a copyright complaint against us. We did the research, or we hired Rosenbaum’s team at Amazon Sellers Lawyer and they did the research. And guess what? You don’t even own interest. You don’t own the copyright. So get your complaint off my account.”

Now let’s say they refuse to remove the copyright complaint or they ignore you. That’s when we write a killer plan of action pointing out that, one, we try to get the retraction, number two, guess what, Amazon? They don’t even own the copyright interest in the picture or the verbiage. So that’s how we address copyright complaints. That’s how you can address copyright complaints.