Chinese Manufacturers REOPEN – How Amazon Sellers in China are Losing Fear of Coronavirus (Covid-19) Scares

As you know, China is fighting with Coronavirus. Thanks to the efforts and control by the Chinese government, the situation is increasingly trending in a positive direction.

Shuffle WuWhat our China team has to say about the Coronavirus:

I certainly believe the epidemic is temporary and the sellers in the United States will be back to normal life like the sellers in China have done. As we all know, China has been fighting the Coronavirus over two months and the virus is contained extremely well.

Chinese manufacturers reopen: factories, international logistics companies, container shipping companies, and loading ports were reopened. Sellers in China are already back to normal life.

Right now in China, I see more and more sellers getting back to work. Others work at home. Some are in the office.

Sarah ChenCertainly, what US sellers are concerned about the most is if the manufacturers in China have reopened.

The truth is, more than 70% of the major manufacturers in China have been reopening for business. This is the data from an official report released on March 12th.

Also, the federal government has further increased their allowance in order to support businesses. The government is aiming at an annual allowance of about 22 billion US dollars on taxes, fees, and interests to support businesses.

For the people and friends in the United States, I’m sure that you will overcome it very soon just like us. Our China team of Rosenbaum Famularo, PC wishes you and your family are healthy and safe.