IP Complaints Being Ignored!? Brand Protection Companies Refusing to Respond to AMZ Sellers Directly

Now that we’re into Q4, the number of intellectual property complaints being asserted against AMZ sellers is absolutely through the roof.

What we’re seeing is that companies like OpSec and some of the other brand protection companies out there are refusing to respond to Amazon sellers directly. I don’t think it’s right, but I recognize that this is what occurs. Certain brand protection companies and certain brand managers will systemically ignore Amazon sellers when they contact them and say, “Here are our invoices. Here are our receipts. Here’s our authorization letter.” They will ignore you.

What we find is those companies that ignore Amazon sellers pay attention once a lawyer is involved.

We are the world’s greatest law firm when it comes to helping Amazon sellers with baseless intellectual property right issues. If you received a complaint and that company is ignoring your invoices / documentation that shows their complaints are baseless, you absolutely need to hire a lawyer to reach out to them and say, “Your complaint is baseless. Here are the facts, and here are the claims that we have against you for your baseless intellectual property right complaint that is causing us as sellers financial damages,” because you are responsible for those.

Want to learn more about how we help sellers every single day with baseless IP complaints? Contact us for a free consultation. We are here for sellers in Q4 seven days a week from the beginning of business Monday morning in New York to the close of business in California. We are always devoted to helping sellers.

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