Tips to Avoid Intellectual Property Infringement & Amazon Sellers’ Guide to Copyright Law

In this business law for sellers video, I’m going to be talking a little bit about copyright, but really just scratching the surface.

So basically, copyright for Amazon sellers almost always has to do with images and verbiage, pictures and the written word.

Book: Amazon Sellers Guide - Copyright LawThe greatest book in the history of copyright law specifically for Amazon sellers is our book, the Amazon Sellers’ Guide to Copyright Law.

ty louis campbell foundationIf you’re watching this, and you’re like, “Hey CJ, stop trying to sell us your book,” I’m not selling you anything… The book used to be free. Right now, you can donate for just $1 (you can also donate a whole lot more) but for a donation of just $1 to the Ty Louis Campbell Foundation, you can download the Amazon Sellers’ Guide to Copyright Law, which will give you the information you need to know specifically when it comes to copyright law and selling products on Amazon.

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