Amazon’s Terms of Service for Sellers: Paragraph 17: Importance of Abiding by the Law

This section of the agreement hasn’t changed, but we do want to give sellers some tips to better understand this specific agreement section, and to ensure that they don’t run into similar problems. This is probably a section that will not really ever be updated.

What it’s saying is that as a seller, you cannot violate United States embargoes.

United States embargoesFor those of you that don’t know what that is, it’s a ban on exporting goods to certain countries. So make sure to always look out for the law. You cannot violate United States embargoes. That is definitely something that you can get in trouble for.

You always want to abide by the laws, especially if you’re selling in the United States on that platform. But sellers can run into issues on any other platforms for exporting goods to certain countries that are either banned by that platform, or that have different laws than the United States.

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