AMZ Insider Info 2/14/20: Public WiFi is enemy number one, The difference between maybe inauthentic suspensions and inauthentic suspensions, Business verification with multiple attempts.

Amazon is very strict with what documents they accept and it seems to get more difficult to verify your business with multiple attempts.

I’m trying to implore you to use the documents that are suggested by Amazon when they give you that kind of notification for business verification. Please supply them the documents that they are requesting when they send you the notification because it is Amazon’s sandbox and they can choose if they want to reply to you or respond to your attempts to verify your business or not.

Public WiFi is enemy number one.

Every seller who’s called us about this issue has used public WiFi (like at a coffee shop or at a hotel), either a day or a few hours prior to receiving a related account suspension. Please make sure you are not using WiFi or a VPN number that is not your own if you want to log into your seller central account.

The difference between maybe inauthentic suspensions and inauthentic suspensions.

Regular inauthentic suspensions are based on customer complaints as they always have been, but the maybe inauthentic complaints are what Amazon believes, and they always result in an account suspension because Amazon is allowed to do whatever they want. While they sound similar, if you try to deal with them in the same fashion, you may not get very far. If you have any questions regarding these types of suspensions, please do not hesitate to call us at 1-877-9-SELLER.

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