BREAKING NEWS – Amazon Disguising Copyright Complaints as Listing Violations Against Sellers

Breaking news for Amazon sellers, for every single seller out there, large sellers, small sellers, private label brands, authorized resellers, everybody, you need to know about this…

Amazon is hiding copyright issues & complaints from you.

What many sellers are receiving are listing violation notices that somehow there’s something wrong with your listing and Amazon is not letting you know that there’s been a copyright complaint asserted against you.

If you receive a listing violation, look at what you created. Look at what’s on that listing.

Make sure the images weren’t scraped from the brand’s website, make sure the verbiage wasn’t copied and pasted to create your listing. Because if you did that, Amazon may be holding a copyright complaint against you, 100% secret, and therefore you don’t know what to address. So be super careful when you’re creating listings, don’t use other people’s images. Don’t use other people’s verbiage. If you receive a listing violation, one of the things you need to look at is that when that listing was created, did you violate anybody’s copyright interest?

You need to know about copyright in order to do this evaluation. Copyright does not need to be filed.

As soon as anybody, a person, a company, takes a picture, writes something down, they automatically own copyright interest in that creative work without filing anything at all and most people don’t know that.

If you have a copyright issue, a listing issue, any issue on Amazon, contact me and my insanely awesome team here at Amazon Sellers’ Lawyer.