Amazon suspension can be a real pain.

As an Amazon seller, you’re always looking for ways to boost your sales and avoid suspensions. But did you know that making this simple mistake can actually prolong your suspensions?

Dealing with account suspensions

It is not uncommon for Amazon sellers to face issues when attempting to get their seller account reinstated by Amazon. If you are a suspended Amazon seller who has already submitted one or more well-written plan of actions (POA) and has not been reinstated by Amazon, you should conduct a deep dive into the process you are using.

The typical structure of a plan of action should include a root cause, immediate corrective actions to be taken, and long term changes to the business. If you are including all of these details in your POA and still facing issues, there may be another mistake being made that you have overlooked. It may be in your best interest to conduct a deep dive into the processes you use as well as, hiring a professional to handle these issues for you.

Amazon seller example

Recently, an Amazon seller who had submitted multiple POAs without resolution brought their case to our firm and when we conducted a deep dive there was inconsistencies in the information used for the seller account and the POA. The seller had mistakenly used a different email for submitting the documents then they typically use for their account and associated tracking information and Amazon recognized this error. It is important to avoid mistakes like these because they can delay the process of getting reinstated by weeks or months.