Amazon Selling Privileges REVOKED? How to WIN REINSTATEMENT After Receiving Counterfeit Complaints

Receiving a counterfeit complaint is awful for an Amazon seller. It often will result in your entire account getting suspended immediately, your money being frozen. And today I’m going to talk to you about how Vin got one of our clients reinstated at the first swing at the plate.

In this particular case, it’s a client we’ve had for years. This particular client is a monster of a seller, keeps us on retainer. Every time he has an issue with his Amazon account, every time he gets an IP complaint on Amazon, before there’s a suspension, he contacts Amazon Sellers Lawyer and we deal with it.

Vin is working on this IP complaint and it was seemingly accurate. Our clients got caught up in sourcing products that were counterfeit, reselling them on Amazon, and unfortunately the complaint was valid.

So what Vin did is he put together a killer plan of action and our client absorbed the loss of the products, and destroyed the inventory. When Vin argued this in one of his plans of action, Amazon agreed to reinstate the account.

So no, he’s not selling that product and he has to do a better job at sourcing his products so that Amazon’s consumers are safe. But the name of the game is to get back in as quickly as possible, and that’s exactly what Vin was able to accomplish.

If you receive a counterfeit complaint and it is valid, it doesn’t mean you’re necessarily out. Contact us, we’ll talk it through. If we can help you, we will offer to. We know you’re under stress, we know this is a huge time of year for you, and our turnaround time is as quick as humanly possible.

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