How Amazon Sellers Obtain Reactivation of Their Account After Violating Someone’s Copyright

Alright Amazon sellers, here is some simple genius that every one of you should know that is working right now…. copyright complaints and removing infringing content.

I want you to imagine that this picture is actually owned by somebody else and you use it in your listing. You receive the copyright complaint.

I want you to take that infringing content and remove it from the listing and replace it with something that you created or something that you own.

Then seek a retraction.

Then write a plan of action.

These methods get your suspended Amazon accounts back because you’re no longer violating anybody’s copyright.

On top of that, you always have the power of filing a Digital Millennium Copyright Act counter-notice.

If you want to learn more about using that weapon to help you, you can search counter-notice here, and you will learn an absolute boatload. You will have a whole school, a whole course on copyright issues on Amazon counter-notices.

Book: Amazon Sellers Guide - Copyright LawYou could also download our book, The Amazon Sellers’ Guide to Copyright Law.

This book focuses on teaching Amazon sellers about United States copyright law.
It is important for sellers to know how to properly file a copyright and to understand under what conditions a copyright protects.

Avoid problems before they arise by protecting your brand from the start.

We’ve successfully reinstated thousands of accounts, obtained retractions of the vast majority of intellectual property complaints asserted against our clients, and resolved many issues with Amazon’s lawyers and staff in the US, India, Ireland, Costa Rica, and the United Kingdom.