Amazon Sellers’ News 12/17/19: Amazon Sellers Terrified of New Policy Update, Chinese Problems Arriving in the United States, Prime’s free one-day delivery starting on January 1st.

Chinese sellers’ problems arriving right here on U.S. shores.

There has always been a tremendous misuse of brands claiming intellectual property rights against sellers in China. These complaints now are coming in more against U.S. sellers. Let me give you an example. Shape Mags, M-A-G-S, a magnetic toy for children, is totally misusing copyright complaints against sellers first starting in China and now in the United States. Companies, brands, private label sellers, don’t make baseless complaints. Don’t use that nonsense form from Amazon and assert rights you don’t have. If you’re a third party seller and you receive a complaint, check the USPTO website. See if they actually own anything at all. Call me, call my team, find out whether that complaint has any merit at all 1-877-9-SELLER. You can win arguments at Amazon at

There’s a canned response that’s coming out of Amazon when you write a plan of action to address one issue, but there are multiple issues on your account.

Here’s what the email says, “Did not receive any new information regarding your listing or selling history.” This is a canned response that Amazon has been sending out and how we are reading that response is that Amazon wants you to do a greater deep dive into your account, a clean sweep of all the issues that you might have, and a more thorough plan of action. If you receive that email in response to a plan of action, you need to do a deeper dive. You need to follow Amazon’s leadership principles and really thoroughly go through your account and show Amazon how all the different aspects of your business are going to be better in 2020.

Sellers are absolutely terrified about a particular policy update when it comes to Prime’s free one-day delivery, starting on January 1st.

The IPI threshold has been 350, it is now going up to 400. It has a lot to do with how quickly your inventory moves. So if you are Prime free one-day delivery, if you have those products, you need to be super careful. Don’t be frightened, just make sure you’re putting the right products and the products are moving. Traditional warehouse, traditional retail, nobody wants old inventory sitting on their shelves and Amazon is just following long-standing principles of warehouse management and retail management. Think about the 80/20 rule, only put the right products up and make sure you’re not putting stagnant inventory where it doesn’t belong.

If you’ve been suspended on Amazon, contact us for a free consultation: 1-877-9-SELLER.

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