Amazon Sellers Lawyer Helping Sellers Worldwide Fight CLAIMS

If you’re watching this video you’ve probably heard me say dozens of times that we are available to you literally 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. In today’s video, I want to introduce you to our insanely awesome client relations team…

This is Jenn. You know you’re speaking with Jenn McDonald if you hear her twang. She’s from North Carolina, she’s been with us for several years, and I got to tell you something, there is nobody who is warmer or nicer or kinder than Jenn, and she knows Amazon.

This is Marisol. She joined us about two years ago, and I couldn’t be happier with her progression starting with knowing nothing about Amazon to where she is now. She deals with IP complaints, litigation against you, plans of action, inauthentics, high ODR rates. Everything. Every problem you have, she can talk you off the cliff and tell you how to either help yourself or what we can do to help you. Marisol, you’re absolutely awesome.

This is Nicole. She’s the most recent hire on our client relations team. I’ve known her husband for decades. We were fraternity brothers, or we are fraternity brothers. Go ZB. Nicole has also been such a quick study. Such a fast learner. She’s also not shy about reaching out if she doesn’t know the answer.

I believe that thousands and thousands of sellers all over the world trust me and my team for advice and for help, because, one, we know the space better than anybody on earth, and number two, if we don’t know the answer or we’re not sure, we let you know that. I pride myself on that. I know certain things really, really well. Other things, I got to say, you know what, let me look into that. I just don’t know the answer.

When you call us, text us, email us, submit your case online, me, Nicole, Marisol, or Jenn will be in touch with you as soon as possible. That is our awesome client relations team. Be comfortable calling us whether you just need free advice on how to fight claims, if you need free information, if you want our books, or if you want to talk about hiring us because we do the best work in this space than any other firm or company that exists on earth.