Conor leads our research and writing unit. It is his job to make sure that we hire great law students and writers so that we can give you the best content on the planet.

It is a tremendous day here because Conor has just completed three major products which are finally coming to fruition.

This summer, we had the privilege of having eight writers come to write different books for us, all based on helping sellers master the different aspects of selling on Amazon.

Our first book is Chinese IP Law. This book is not solely about Chinese IP Law, it is THE Amazon Sellers’ Guide to IP Law. You don’t need to know how to sue somebody in China, but you do need to know the basics and that’s what this book provides.
If you are sourcing in China, you need to know how to protect yourself, protect your rights, and how you register rights in China.

Book 2: The Amazon Sellers’ Guide to Copyright Law – This book focuses on US Copyright Law, specifically as it pertains to the seller. It explains how copyright can have a positive or negative effect on your business, what you can do to fix any problems that come up pertaining to copyright law, and most importantly, how to prevent issues from occurring.

Book 3: Amazon Sellers’ Guide to Trademark Law – delves into the ins and outs of trademark law, but just as it pertains to the seller on the Amazon platform. For example: your brand name and how you can register for different types of trademarks without necessarily infringing on someone else’s trademark.

These books contain information that sellers NEED to know in order to successfully sell on Amazon.

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