Amazon RETALIATING Against Sellers for Submitting Too Many Complaints

I’m talking about a balancing act that you as an Amazon seller need to do; it has to do with putting in cases when Amazon makes mistakes that cost you money.

So here is what’s going on when it comes to putting in too many cases, what is your balancing act? Well, we’re starting to see Amazon retaliate against Amazon sellers for putting in too many cases about Amazon losing their inventory, or for overcharging them.

I’m not telling you to let Amazon steal your money. I’m not telling you to allow Amazon to absorb your inventory as if it is its own, but I just want to make sure that every Amazon seller is getting these videos is that you know what’s going on to make good business decisions.

If you are putting in dozens (we’ve even seen sellers put in hundreds of cases a day), you may want to reconsider whether that is wise over the big picture. I’ll give you an example. Let’s say you’re doing $10 million a year in sales, and you’re putting in dozens or hundreds of cases with Amazon for $10,000 or $20,000 a year. I can tell you, it’s probably not a good business decision because Amazon can terminate your selling privileges at any point in time. Amazon can terminate your ability to go fulfilled by merchant or even FBA.

So, with this latest twist of Amazon retaliating against sellers for putting in too many cases, you may just want to think about if it is really worthwhile to you in the big scheme of your business, especially in Q4.

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