Amazon Posting Sellers’ Info: Consumers Will Know Where They Live & Work

In all of the hundreds, probably close to 1,000 videos that I have made to teach Amazon sellers what you need to know, I’ve never once worried about your personal safety. But in today’s September Alert, I think you need to know and think about whether you, your family, and your team are going to be safe after September first.

As you are aware, Amazon is going to release your name, your address, possibly your telephone number and your email address on every listing or on your storefront. We’re not exactly sure what’s going to be released, but if you have thousands or tens of thousands of consumers who are buying your products and they now know where you live, if you have your home address on your account, you need to be concerned about your safety, about your family’s safety, and even at a commercial establishment about the safety of your staff.

Never before has Amazon’s consumers everywhere in the world been able to identify the Amazon seller with the ease at which we expect to occur on September first. If you’re working out of your home, you’re going to have to think twice about whether you want to continue to use your home address on your Amazon account. If you’re working out of a commercial space, you may want to make sure that you have adequate security if you are a large seller who has sold to tens of thousands of consumers.

This is just one potential issue out of dozens that we are going to address one by one by one in these September Alert videos. I don’t mean to instill fear in sellers, but I do have every single intention of sharing with you every issue me and my team has identified as a result of Amazon releasing your information. Please watch all of our September Alert videos.

If there are issues that you are seeing, if there are fears that you have that you think we should address with sellers all over the United States, please call us 1-877-9-SELLER.

We want to know what you’re thinking.

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