Amazon’s BIG Policy Change Affecting Sellers Selling Generic Products – Changes in GTIN & UPC Codes

Amazon sellers, this is another update on Amazon’s changes to its policies and its definitions, and this has to do with generic products.

If you’re selling products that are rather generic in nature, and the classic example are plastic safety glasses, this is information you absolutely need to know.

Amazon is telling you how do to use GTINs and UPC codes. The rules are changing.

If you’re selling a generic product, you need to know that Amazon has updated its policies and specifically the GTINs and UPCs.

Also, Amazon is putting in place a mechanism to get approval to sell certain generic products.

You have to know what the new policies are. If you are in the business of selling generic items and competing with other sellers around the world on price and customer service, this is information you need to know.

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Amazon counterfeit complaints when putting generic products on branded listings.

Jacques LavaudJacques, paralegal at Rosenbaum Famularo, PC, the law firm behind Amazon Sellers Lawyer, talks to you about selling generic products on a brand name listing.

Sellers should check the listing they are thinking of hopping on. If a seller is putting generic items on a branded listing, that seller will probably get hit with a counterfeit complaint because they are causing customer confusion. The best thing sellers should do is remove themselves from the branded one and jump on a listing that matches their product.

Suspension Increase: generic products sold on Amazon’s branded listings.

We are seeing many sellers sourcing and buying items on Alibaba that are generic and then selling them on listings that have brands on them. Even though it’s a very similar product, we are seeing a rise in Amazon suspending sellers because they are selling a generic item on a branded page. If you are doing this, you are putting yourself at risk of a listing suspension and quite possibly a full account suspension.

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