Amazon’s Patent Evaluation Program Now Resolves Design Patent Issues

If you have been accused of violating somebody’s design patent, or you own a design patent and feel that another seller is infringing upon your rights, this is really great news because Amazon is taking what it did with its Utility Patent Evaluation Program and it seems to be rolling it out for design patents.

So we’ve seen some emails, and we believe that this is occurring, and we think it’s a really great thing. Here’s the reason why…

If you have to go to court and litigate either a design patent or a utility patent issue it’s going to cost you a boatload of money, and it’s going to take a boatload of time.

Where if Amazon takes what it did for its Utility Patent Evaluation Program and now rolls it out for design patents, you’ll be able to resolve the issues faster and significantly cheaper. Since most of your business is on Amazon anyway, the decision in the evaluated program can be used on Amazon, just like as if it was issued by a court of law.

Amazon provides some really good mechanisms for utility patent resolutions. And now we believe they’re rolling it out for design patent issues as well.

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