Seller vs Seller Dirty Tricks: Amazon’s History of Hacking, Hijacking & Manipulated Seller Listings

One of the great things about having these videos is that I get to introduce our insanely awesome client relations team.

We have Troy, who’s the manager of this team, his incredible wife, Nicole… Jenn, who is this sister of our longest serving paralegal, Kerry, and Marisol, who’s joined us about three months ago, who’s a remarkable business person under any way, shape, or form you could evaluate. These are the people that you speak with when you call, chat, email us when your Amazon account / listing is down…

Today, we’re talking about hacking cases. This is actually a training video internally, but I wanted the whole world to see who our team is and get to know them.

So let me start with the basic history of hacking cases on Amazon.

It really started about 5 years ago when there were a huge amount of sellers calling us and emailing us that their accounts were being hacked. What was going on is someone was going into their accounts and changing their bank accounts so that their distributions were going to Costa Rica, going to Eastern Europe, going to other bank accounts other than their own. All of a sudden they weren’t getting their money because the money was going elsewhere.

We had about maybe two dozen of these cases and Amazon’s lower level teams just weren’t resolving them quickly enough because the sellers didn’t want to stop selling or blow up their ODR rates or anything, but yet they weren’t getting paid.

So what we did is we took all the cases and drafted demands for arbitration for all of them at once.

I took them on a silver platter and brought them over to Amazon’s outside counsel. His practice was just starting to boom, getting Amazon’s business and I said, “Hey, I have 24 new files for you. I hope you can handle these cases. I hope Amazon gives you this business. Let’s try and resolve these things.” He was very grateful that he got the files. His practice started to explode and we resolved every single one of the cases and Amazon refunded every single dollar. Now it doesn’t mean that’s always going to be the case. It doesn’t mean we won one case one time, we’re going to win it again. We can never guarantee results, but that’s what happened.

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