Amazon Hiding Copyright Complaints Against Sellers

Amazon sellers, today I have breaking news regarding copyright complaints against your accounts.

Copyright complaints against Amazon sellers are almost always about images that have been scraped from the internet or verbiage that has been copied and pasted onto your listing or warranty.

The breaking news is that Amazon is seemingly keeping hidden copyright complaints that have been asserted against you. We’ve received this information from numerous sellers who spent time and effort trying to speak with people at seller support, where Amazon staff seemingly revealed this to them.

What are your options if you have a copyright complaint that you know about or if Amazon is hiding copyright complaints against you?

Number one, make sure you are not using anybody else’s images or words. Copyright suspensions are often easily remedied by simply removing or replacing the copyright content. Remember, people in companies own copyright interest even if they didn’t register anything at all with the United States Patent & Trademark Office or the Copyright Office. Copyright ownership vests as soon as you create your creative work, in your case, images or written verbiage.

Amazon sellers, you also have a huge tool at your disposal called a Digital Millennium Copyright Act counter notice. If you serve a counter notice, what you are basically doing is telling that brand, “Either start a lawsuit against me or your complaint disappears.” This law applies to copyright complaints that you can see and Amazon’s hidden copyright complaints against you.

Hidden copyright complaints are a new beast on Amazon, a platform that never stops changing, and we are here to help you face all the challenges of selling on Amazon to help you succeed and sell more.

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