BREAKING NEWS: What you need to know about Amazon’s FBA inventory restrictions in 2021.

Breaking News with CJ Rosenbaum, Amazon Sellers Lawyer.

AMZ news - Amazon's FBA inventory restrictionsHello Amazon Sellers. More breaking news from Williamson, West Virginia. You can see behind me, the is the Williamson Daily View. It’s the media company here in this small town, which is on the Hatfield-McCoy Trails.

Amazon is cutting your shelf space at FBA tremendously.

Even though I am away for a few days riding a Hatfield McCoy Trails with some sellers, you need to know what’s going on. It’s mostly large sellers. It’s mostly oversized products. But Amazon is literally destroying businesses by lowering the amount of inventory they’re letting these huge sellers, who have made boatloads of money for Amazon, send into FBA.

What’s that causing? It’s they’re making them send in multiple shipments, and every time you send shipments into Amazon, there are potential problems.

So if you’re not selling oversized products, this doesn’t really affect you right now, but it certainly can. Everything with Amazon changes, so just be aware. Make sure your metrics are absolutely perfect. You are now in Q4, so please, please, please watch your account like a hawk, watch for your ability to send products into Amazon, make sure they’re not going down. If they are or even in advance, be prepared for Amazon cutting your ability to send products into FBA.

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