Amazon Fair Market Pricing Violation by Price Gouging During Pandemic

Amazon Fair Market Pricing Violation by Price Gouging Covid 19. While it might seem like a good idea to increase prices in this time of crisis, remember that Amazon has a policy against Fair Market Pricing Violations. So make sure you’re not overcharging your customers – or you could find your account suspended.

What is Fair Market Pricing?

Fair market pricing is concerned with pricing products at a value that is reasonable for goods that are exchanged between informed, and willing, sellers and consumers. This value is the price that would be agreed upon by both parties under normal conditions. There are several ways you can violate fair market pricing policies on Amazon like;

  • selling products for a price that is excessively higher than the product is normally valued at
  • selling multiple units of a product for a price that is higher per unit than one individual unit of the same product would be
  • setting significant shipping costs
  • price gouging

What happens when you are accused of Fair Market Pricing Violations?

When you are accused of violating Fair Market Pricing, you will be contacted by the assistant attorney generals around the United States in addition to your account being interfered with. Your Amazon Seller account will be fully suspended, and you can potentially be arrested and heavily fined.

Taking Action

Trends show that Amazon has made a habit of sending notices to seller accounts about violations like price gouging but is not following through with punishments immediately by suspending the account. This gives the Amazon Seller the opportunity to address the problem and get the derogatory mark off of the account before they are eventually restricted from Amazon. If you have not been contacted by anĀ  Attorney General, your account should be absent of any Fair Market Pricing violations.