Amazon Asserting Safety Complaints Against Sellers Resulting In Suspension

Safety complaints on Amazon are easily won if you have the right documents and you have the right arguments.

This is Chris. He’s one of our brilliant paralegals. And this week, he won a huge safety complaint suspension by submitting documents that show that the product was exactly the way it should be, the product was safe for the consumer, and that the safety complaint was most likely just totally bogus.

So if you receive a safety complaint, take a deep breath, if you want us to take the wheel, if you want Chris to review your case, contact us. We’re here for you. I also want to make sure that you’re aware that we pride ourselves on providing you with the information about safety complaints against sellers so that you can make educated decisions and help yourself.

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Safety suspensions on Amazon can cause your listings and possibly your entire selling account to go down. Make sure that this doesn’t happen to you, and if it already has, contact us about your case today. We’re here for sellers seven days a week.