CJ Rosenbaum – If Amazon has lost some of your inventory or you’re just not getting it logged in, you know you sent in 2,000 units, Amazon only gave you 1,000, then this video is for you.

This is the insanely intelligent, well-educated, winning senior paralegal, Ashley. Ashley, tell the Amazon sellers what’s going on in terms of when Amazon loses or absorbs their property.

Ashley – We are seeing a lot of issues with inventory. Specifically, we have of a few arbitrations that Amazon is confirming to our clients that shipments have been sent in, they’re checked in, and then all of a sudden our client will receive another email within a few weeks that the inventory was never checked in despite the previous confirmation from Amazon.

CJ Rosenbaum – This is a new twist, right?

Ashely – Yeah.

CJ Rosenbaum – Usually, you folks will send in your inventory perfectly labeled in pallets or less than pallets. You send it in and Amazon either mis-logs the amount (they log in 100 instead of 200) or they log in zero. Now you’re getting notices that it’s in, and then a second notice that it’s less.

Ashely – Right. For a lot of these cases, our clients are having to show any shipping information or confirmation they have, as well as a signed and stamped bill of lading. We’re seeing that Amazon is now requesting both, where they used to only request one.

CJ Rosenbaum – The game is constantly changing on Amazon, so make sure you’re maintaining all of your documents and you have your bills of lading. Of course, they got to make sure they’re labeling them properly.

Ashley – Right.

CJ Rosenbaum – What Ashley was talking about when it comes to arbitration is that, when you can’t resolve these issues and Amazon owes you tens of thousands of dollars, your dispute resolution system is arbitration. You can’t sue Amazon one by one. You have to go through arbitration through the American Arbitration Association. Ashley is my awesome partner Rob’s right hand when it comes to all the arbitrations that we file against Amazon to get you your money, to get you your inventory. All right, Ashley. What else do sellers need to know about this latest twist in Amazon “losing their inventory?”

Ashely – I do tell all of my clients to just make sure you’re keeping all these seller support case logs or any communication with Amazon. Sometimes they’ll disappear or they won’t be able to find them. It’s just important that you can show that sometimes the information is contradicting.

CJ Rosenbaum – Huge, huge tip. Okay? You folks cannot rely upon always having access to the dashboard, and you certainly cannot rely upon Amazon maintaining your documents, so keep all your shipping, your sourcing, your case logs.

Ashely – Right.

CJ Rosenbaum – Download everything, keep it on your own computer. Don’t rely upon Amazon. Ashley, thank you for joining me in these videos.

Ashley – Of course.

CJ Rosenbaum – Amazon sellers, make sure you like this video so she comes back on with me in the future.

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