, Inc. and Amazon Fulfillment Services v. Coyote Logistics and CP Transport LLC, Inc. and Amazon Fulfillment Services, Inc. v. Coyote Logistics LLC and CP Transport, Inc.

Case No. C11-1015 RSL, United States District Court Western District of Washington at Seattle, December 11, 2013.

Case Details

The parties allege that CP Transport was hired to transport a container of Amazon Kindles from Washington to Delaware in November 2009. Plaintiff alleges that the driver left the shipment unattended at a truck stop, resulting in the theft of the truck, container, and goods.

Amazon and Coyote Logistics have asserted claims of breach of contract, breach of bill of lading, loss under the Carmack Amendment, negligence, and/or equitable indemnification against CP Transport that is due to the loss of the Kindles.

In the First Amended Complaint, Amazon requested an award of lost market value in the amount of $1,454,346.00, plus the realistic costs of investigating, recovering, repairing, and shipping the recovered goods.

Although CP Transport was served in this action, it has not responded. Default was entered against it in October 2013.


The allegations of the complaint relating to the defendant’s liability are taken to be true, and the defaulting party is deemed to have admitted all allegations in the complaint pertaining to liability.

Summary and Conclusion

The court does not require detailed findings of fact and enters judgment as stated below:

  • In favor of Coyote Logistics, LLC, and against CP Transport, Inc., in the amount of $685,000.00.
  • In favor of, Inc., and Amazon Fulfillment Services, Inc., and against CP Transport, Inc., in the amount of:

Actual Damages: $1,534,286.10
Prejudgment Interest: $597,737.10
Offset of Amount Paid by Coyote Logistics: $685,000.00
Total: $1,447,023.20.